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Laminates: Extremely Fashionable

With laminate, you have the pleasures of long-lasting beauty, low maintenance, and budget-friendly prices.

Realistic and Fashionable

If you haven’t shopped for laminate lately, you may be surprised by the number of authentic-looking styles and finishes out there—excitingly designed laminates that keep pace with the world of fashion and with key environmental concerns. It’s almost unbelievable how authentic these products appear … but believe it!

You’ll find every possible wood species echoed in laminate styling, together with travertine and other stone and tile looks that are remarkably close to nature. One of these visuals is the luxurious look of exotic woods which, in laminate, don’t deplete the rainforests! Another effect seen recently is a groutless concrete look that lends stunning—yet affordable and durable—style to contemporary settings. Yet another design trend is that of vintage European oak, now delightfully replicated in laminate.

Watch for the on-trend direction of wider planks, which is exactly what’s happening in hardwood. Also be on the lookout for different laminate finishes—surfaces that are “hand-scraped", “distressed”, or “wire-brushed”. Today’s textured surfaces follow and highlight the grain with results so realistic, you’ll be amazed.

Edges are given special treatment to heighten the realism of laminate floors. Beveled edges add pleasing authenticity to laminate planks, and pillowed edges create a strikingly upscale floor.


Scratch- and stain-resistant, laminate is perfect for busy households with kids and pets. And when it’s time to entertain, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing spills wipe right off. Your laminate floor looks like new for years to come.


If you’re on a tight budget, laminate offers all the beauties of hardwood, stone, and tile—at a lower cost. So why not go for it?

When it comes to being practical and pretty, there’s just nothing like laminate.